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Janey Street has lectured on the music business, songwriting and production at U.C.L.A in Los Angeles and Belmont University in Nashville. While living in L.A., she also conducted a popular weekly songwriting workshop at Guitar Center. Recently, Janey has conducted songwriting workshops specifically geared towards writing songs for film and TV for NSAI, Tennessee Songwriters Association and Indie Connect. She has conducted workshops for CT Songwriters Association in CT , Molloy College in Long Island NY, The Old Town School Of Folk in Chicago, and the NSAI chapters in NYC, Orlando FL, Lincoln Nebraska, Milwaukee, Knoxville and Little Rock.

Along with one on one and group songwriting workshops, Janey Street and Streetbluz Productions also offers custom music production for your song or album project. We don’t believe in using a cookie-cutter approach to your music. Over the years we have worked with many talented, up-and-coming artists, and realize that each artist and each situation is different. That is why we tailor each project based on your needs, budget, talent and desired outcome.

Getting songs into Film, TV and commercials has become a very effective way for independent artists to both generate income and put themselves on the map. If this is your goal, Janey Street has the production skills and contacts to be able to oversee your projects and make them viable for placements in these mediums.

For more information on booking a workshop in your area contact:e-mail or call 615.364.2772

Janey Street’s Songwriting Workshops
Featuring writing for Film and TV, Nashville co- writing scene, the LA co writing scene, writing songs for yourself as an artist independent or signed, addressing all genres. Discussing the bizz which, include the politics, basic knowledge of publishing (splits, deals, performing rights organizations, etc.,) addressing how the bizz works in 2017 as opposed to the past, all the dos and don’ts and how to maneuver your way through all the grey areas. This workshop can benefit all kinds of songwriters on all levels. We are all learning every step of the way on this wonderful songwriting journey.

Offering instruction in the basic craft of songwriting listed below

  • Song structure
  • Lyrics, melodies & phrasing
  • Publishing (copyrights. shares. pitching etc.)
  • Artist development (going independent or seeking label deals and finding an identity)
  • Production (how to go about demos, masters, engineers, musicians and demo singers etc.)

WRITING FOR FILM AND TV (power points)

  •  Understanding the psychology behind music supervisors and what kind of song, production, etc. they say they are looking for in a specific scene.
  • How to understand the relationships between music supervisors, producers and directors and the nature of this very collaborative art form.
  • How to go through your catalog and pick the right songs for the scene.
  • Which film & TV pitch sheets to get.
  • Addressing what a temp track is and how to (if given the opportunity) watch a scene with a temp track and then write an original song that will work in that same scene.
  • Song licenses for film and TV and the different kind of deals that you may consider depending on the climate, the project and your leverage at the time.
  • Postproduction, deadlines and how to rewrite for the director who almost always changes his mind.
  • How to simulate songs and productions to fit what they are asking for with all the subtleties that will win them over.
  • On -line licensing companies. What to watch out for, what deals they are offering and how effective they can be in getting you placements.


  • What are the challenges you are facing and what you can do to up your game.
  • How to make the best records with low budgets
  • Who to turn to
  • It’s a do it yourself game even if you are signed
  • Always think big, but know it’s a grass roots game.
  • How to keep yourself going psychologically and financially.


  • Be as good at what you do as you can be which requires a lot of hard work and perseverance and all of the above.
  • Push push push, then let go
  • Organization
  • Lot’s of nos. Don’t believe them, but take them seriously and find ways around them. There aint just one way to skin a cat.
  • Most of all, you gotta love it!!!!

    Critiques and Q&A will follow the discussion.

    If a song stands out and is pitchable for film or TV, Janey will pass them on to Film and TV pluggers and independent  music supervisors.

For more information on booking a workshop or a Skype Mentoring session.
contact:e-mail or call 615.364.2772